Creating Worldwide value
by offering high quality intellectual property services.

Creating Worldwide value<br> by offering high quality intellectual property

We will help in acquiring a patented right in Japan. Our staff of technical experts in fields of chemistry, materials, biotechnology, fibers, medicine, machines, electrics, electronics, communication, semiconductors, IT, food products, daily necessities, household ....

For names of goods and services, a trademark right can be acquired by filing an application to register a trademark by specifying a category for the goods or services, and as long as the name is used in business, exclusive use will be enabled semi-permanently. ...

For products that are characterized by their exterior appearance, or “visible” ideas (cases where technological characteristics appear in actions and operations, etc. that can be observed from the outside), it is important to consider acquiring a right...

We will provide translations of English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, and Spanish from or to Japanese. The translations we provide maintain an extremely high degree of quality by being instructed and reviewed by patent attorneys and technical experts, and...

We will handle the issuing or receipt of warnings to or from others that are infringing your patented rights, request or receive judgment for cancellation of nullification, and file cases for cancellation of trial decisions. Regarding damage compensation suits, we ...

In regard to both overseas and domestic patents, utility models, trademarks and designs, we will search patented rights that one’s developed product may possibly infringe, extract prior art documents that will nullify the patents of rivals, and appraise the acquisition of ...

We will handle the registration of copyrights to the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs.

We will register and manage renewal of “.jp” domains for overseas clients. The “.jp” domain is relatively new, and is considered to be more reliable than domains such as “.com” and “.net” which are often used in spamming. The domain will need to be renewed...



We have opened our new office in Tokyo


We are posting an information about paralegal job vacancy.


One of our staff is attending INTA 2017!


Our new website is published.


【Yoshikawa International Patent Office】
Osaka Kyobashi Building 4F, 1-20-5, Higashinoda-cho,
Miyakojima-ku, Osaka 534-0024 JAPAN

【Liaison Office in San Francisco(US)】
1680 Post St. Ste D2 San Francisco CA 94115-3624 UNITED STATES